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Collaboration with Ilussions Surfboards
Iker García tabla-1.jpg
"A composition of crossing lines and patches of colours that I have imagined creating further compositions when merging into the waves, the seascape and the figures created by the surfer riding this board."

Shaper: Ilussions Surfboards by pro surfer and owner Iñigo Idigoras.

Surfboard: 5.5" twinfin bat tail hand shaped in a traditional way and especially made for this collaboration.  


It was exhibited at Currents and Hang Overs exhibition at Okendo Culture Centre in San Sebastian during September 2019.

The exhibition showcased 21 different artists that had a connexion with surfing culture and the local beach La Zurriola.

The surfboard was displayed with a backdrop stand design sponsored by Kendu Retail S.L.

When the exhibition finished the surfboard went to Iñigo Idigoras and it has since been surfed not only by himself but also by other awesome surfers such as Eukeni Masa and Ruben Abelenda.


Images courtesy of Gorka de La Granja, Joseba Berastegi, Deflow Surf Fins, Antonio Bretones, Morocco Surf Photography,  45secondphotography and Elisa Beltran. 

Photos: Gorka de la Granja  
Eukeni Masa in Safi, Morocco. Video: Elisa Beltran  
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