'A collective mural painting with symbology' 


Collaboration with Emaus Social Foundation

The mural is part of the Emaus Social Foundation ELKARBIDEAN project to enhance community participation in the Loyola neighborhood and promote the inclusion and personal development of people in a situation of social exclusion from the UBA residential center. 

The painting represents the integrating spirit of the neighborhood community on the facade located next to the Culture Centre of Loiola, on the walk along the river. ​Together, we painted a gigantic 70 sq. meter mural painting with vibrant colors that embrace the meaning of this art piece: 'The staircases inside the human faces represent difficulties, the crocodile addresses danger. The big hand represents support and the 'trainera' or boat represents a platform of support given to those in need, encouraging them to keep rowing on the river of life, moving forward."

The mural displays a QR code, inviting viewers to find out about the story and people behind this project. 

These are some of the reflections that this process provoked between the participants: 

  • "for all of us..." 

  • "overcoming unpredictable obstacles, and then...a pintxo" 

  • "It's like entering and feeling alive"

  • "is to climb the steps of life fighting day by day" 

  • "is something important"

'Miradas Tangentes' exhibition showcased 15 photos and a video time lapse of the making at Loyola Cultural Center Art Gallery during 4th Feb and 14th Feb 2020.

Special thanks to:

  • UBA participants

  • Emaus/UBA (Sara Ana, Imanol, Idurre, Sheila and Begoña)

  • Loyola Culture Centre (Jon Urbieta and Josu)

  • Basque Government

  • Joseba Parron San Sebastian (video and photo)

  • Javier Delgado Serrano 

  • Basmodec (painting materials)