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Art Gallery and Studio
Est 2010

In 2010 Iker Garcia Barrenetxea founded The Vyner Studio at No.1 Vyner Street, East London.

The Vyner Studio was an experimental project space where emerging artists and designers could produce and showcase their work. This was a unique opportunity for Iker to work closely with other artists and collaborators while exploring curatorial, exhibition display design and organising pop up events.


Thanks to Time Out and the Whitechapel Art Gallery who supported First Thursdays late night exhibitions The Vyner Studio proudly became a reference for East London's art lovers. The Vyner Studio participated in London Design Festival and Photomonth. 


Exhibitors included Iker Garcia Barrenetxea, Almost Silent, Nina Gehl, Alessia Avellino, César Pesquera, Robert Seidel, Nicholas Stevenson, Natuka Honrubia, Langdi Lin, D-Fuse, Quayola, GR Industrial, Oscar Diaz, OutOfStock, Francisco Centofanti, Marta Gomes, Collective Futures, Jon Braley, Tomás Alonso, Oscar Diaz, Sarah Hayz, Luna Bengoechea, Philip Firsov. Emma Chipefrfield, Michal Cabaj, Anna Laurinnii, Barnave Freixo, Valerie Pilato, David Salas, Dilshad Corleone, Francisco Gomez de Villaboa, to mention a few. (See full list)

Collaborators included Cesar Pesquera, Lore Robet, Veronica Garcia, Patricia Puertas, Luna Bengoechea, Elisa Fonta, Laura Plana, Verdiana, Vaninni, Gaston Teijeiro, Jessica Rhuterford, Grace Amber Codona, Inigo Sesma, Luis Rojas Jimenez, Emma Chipefrfield, Fran Hales, Mariona Vilaros and Martin Passalia.

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