Atormentado (2003)


Lines as a device to exteriorize the rhythms guided by emotions

Collaboraton with Miguel Marin musician and composer.

Miguel Marin met Iker in London in 2004 and invited him to create a dialogue between music and painting.

The project concluded with 10 paintings and 10 musics.

2005  Utupi Gallery, Barcelona (SP)
2006  Noventa Grados, San Sebastian, Basque Country (SP).

Ardiendo (2005)

Diving Purple (2005)

Absortion (2005)

Green fall (2005)

Head (2005)

Blue woman (2005)

Pensando en lineas (2005)

Window to the interior (2005)

Holding Blue (2005)

Limited Edition 21 copies (SOLD OUT)

Atormentado t-shirt at Noventa Grados

El Diario Vasco (2006)

El Diario Vasco (2006)

Ronda Iberia. Promises on the Saatchi website. (2007)