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Iker Garcia Barrenetxea
(1979, Donostia - San Sebastian, Spain)

Iker Garcia Barrenetxea is a full time painter living and working in San Sebastian where he has his atelier.
He lived 17 years in London, United Kingdom, where he directed The Vyner Studio Artist Run Space (2010-2015).
Auñamendi Eus
ko Entziklopedia-Fund Bernardo Estornés Lasa included him in 2004. In 2022 Gordailua (Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa ́s Heritage Collection Centre) acquired a selection of his works from different periods for the Art Public Collection.


Born in 1979 in San Sebastián, son of Fernando García Catalá and Mariaje Barrenechea Barahona. He comes from a family of artists that goes back to his great-grandfather T. García Aznárez (painter) to his grandfather M. García Asiain who left as legacy more than 600 works. Maternally, his grandfather J.M. Barrenetxea engraver and painter in his last years.

  • 1997-2000 Studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Leioa Bilbao (UPV).

  • 2002 Sells t-shirts with his drawings at Spitalfields Market, London.

  • 2004 Auñamendi Eusko Entziklopedia-Fondo Bernardo Estornés Lasa includes his artist profile.

  • 2005 Lives 9 months in Barcelona where he prepares the exhibition for the  BAC!06 International Festival of Contemporary Art.

  • 2006 Transforms an industrial warehouse into a live-work in Hackney Wick with other artists. .

  • 2009 Curates Thingsworthseeing blog dedicated to art.

  • 2010 Founds The Vyner Studio Artist Run Space in East London. Here he creates new works, curates exhibitions and teaches live drawing, as well as organizing pop ups that promote his work and other artists.

  • 2012 The Vyner Studio is featured in ‘The East End Olympic Boom’ in a special issue of El Mundo dedicated to the London Olympics.

  • 2022 Gordailua buys a selection of his work from different periods. Gordailua is the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa's Heritage Collection Centre. The centre’s principal goal is to preserve, protect and showcase the province's cultural heritage. 


2023  Galería Acanto. Almería (SP).

2023  Galería Ormolú. Artista Invitado. Pamplona (SP).

2022  Focus Art Fair Paris. Carrousel du Louvre (FRANCE).

2022  Maxus 101 Gallery. Prognostizieren (DENMARK).

2021  Coal Harbour Museum. Vancouver (CANADA).

2020  Casa Cultura de Loyola. San Sebastian (SP). 

2019  Centro Cultutra Okendo. San Sebastián (SP).

2019  Galería Arteko. Danza, música, cine. San Sebastián (SP).

2019  Analog Folk Head Quarters. London (UK).

2019  Zazpi Gastro Bar. San Sebastián (SP).

2018  The Vyner Studio. Digital Souls. Online.

2015  The Vyner Studio. 100 Days 100 Drawings. London (UK).

2013  The Vyner Studio. Who took the cookie from the cookie jar? London (UK).

2012  The Vyner Studio. Western LifeStyle Everyday Recipe. London (UK).

2011  Hackney Wicked Festival. London (UK).

2010  The Vyner Studio. Paintings and drawings. London (UK).

2009  Hackney Wicked Festival. London (UK).

2008  Hackney Wicked Festival. London (UK).

2008  Eyre Brothers. London (UK).

2006  Galería Niu Bcn. BAC!06 Festival Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo. Identidad. Barcelona (SP).

2006  Noventa Grados. Inside Out. San Sebastian (SP).

2005  Affordable Art Fair London. London (UK).

2005  Galería Utupi. Inside Out. Barcelona (SP).

2005  Macondo Hoxton Square. London (UK)

2004  Sophie Dare Gallery Mayfair. London (UK).

2004  Mall Galleries. I dreamt in the city. London Pall Mall (UK).

2004  Hoxton No 1. I dreamt in the city. London (UK).

2003  Goodge Bar. Iker’s colours. London Soho (UK).

1999  Galería CCOO. Santander (SP).​

Live Painting

2013  Collective Futures. Barabar, London (UK).
2012  The Vyner Studio. London (UK).
2011  Persona Festival. London (UK).
2010  Hackney Wick
ed Festival. London (UK).
2009  Corona save the beach campaign launch party. London (UK).


2019  Emaus Social Foundation.Collevtive mural on social inclusion with participants from UBA center.
2019  Ilussions Surfboards by Inigo Idigoras. Surfing board as a canvas.
2018  A bocados (ETB2). Art as the TV programme's set design. EITB.
2017  Kendu Art. Art, light and technology. Client Kendu In-Store Solutions.
2011  Do the green thing. Art vs climate change. Client Pentagram.
2005  Inside Out. Music and painting. Collaborates with musician and composer from Seville Miguel Marin aka Arbol.


2020  Lurse Magazine. Full page illustration.
2020  Desde Dentro. TV Interview by Eloisa Patat.
2020  El Diario Vasco. Mural comunitario.
2019  Lurse - 30th Anniversary Special Magazine. Front cover and 5 full page digital illustrations.   
2019  Noiz Agenda - July and August issue. Magazine front cover and interview.
2018  Kendu Art - Issue 002. Magazine front cover and interview. 
2015  El Iberico. Los 100 dias de Iker Garcia Barrenetxea. Interview.
2013  Circulo Creativo. Interview about The Vyner Studio.
2013  El Iberico. "Sorprendente exposicion metaforica Who took the cookie from the cookie jar. Article.
2012  El Iberico. Interview about The Vyner Studio.
2012  El Mundo. El Auge Olimpico del East End. The Vyner Studio feautured.
2012  El Iberico. Western LifeStyle Everyday Recipe. Article.
2012  Ballad Off. Western LifeStyle Everyday Recipe. Article.
2012  Historias de Arte. Western LifeStyle Everyday Recipe. Article.
2012  Votre Art. Western LifeStyle Everyday Recipe. Article.
2010  Radio 5. RTVE. The Vyner Studio. Interview.
2010  Other Criteria Blog. Hackney Wick Festival. Featured artist.
2010  375studio. Featured artist on 375 webisite. 
2009  Basicca Magazine. Interview.
2006  El Diario Vasco. Inside Out. Article.
2006  Cuatrosfera. Cuatro. Inside Out. TV Interview.
2005  Noticias de Gipuzkoa. Inside Out. TV Interview.
2005  Euskadi Irratia. EITB. Inside Out. Radio Interview.
2004  Auñamendi Eusko Entziklopedia - Fondo Bernardo Estornés Lasa.
Profile added to Basque Government's funded encyclopedia.
2007  Ronda Iberia Magazine. Promises of the Saatchi website. Article.
2004  EITB Teleberri. I Dreamt in the City. TV News.
2003  The Cub. Queen Mary University Newspaper. Interview.
2002  EITB Teleberri. Iker's Colours. TV News.
2002  Agencia EFE. Iker's Colours. Interview.
1999  El Diario Montañés. Article.
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