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Augustenborg Arts Project buys Balls Pond Road painting for its Private Collection.

Balls Pond Road (2005), Oil on canvas, 170x130cm

Balls Pond Road has been exhibited at Hackney Wick Festival, at various exhibitions and pop up events at The Vyner Studio busy First Thursday events.

Since 2015 the panting was displayed at Analog Folk multi award company Head Quarters in the creative district of Clerkerwell with five other paintings.

In 2022 Gordailua Gipuzkoa Centre for Heritage Collections bought copy number 1/5 of a special limited edition print. The art collection of Gordailua largely covers the period from the second half of the nineteenth century to the present.

Gordaillua Interior


Gordailua Building for the Cultural Heritage Centre of Gipuzkoa. Surface area: 9.100 m2

In January 2023 the painting is shipped to Donostia-San Sebastian.

In June 2023 the original painting is sold to Augustenborg Project Private Collection in South Denmark.

Augustenborg Project Art Gallery (South Denmark)

Balls Pond Road is part of the East London Street Series paintings created from 2001 to 2011. All of the paintings made during this period were inspired in real locations that I saw daily. Other locations included Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Mare Street, Hackney Wick or Bethnal Green to mention a few.

Exhibition, Hoxton Square No. 1 (2003)

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